My Experience

I am a trained technical writer with industry experience in copyediting, editorial work, and design. I have 3 years experience working as a copyeditor for a news organization, 7 years of design work with various organizations and groups, and 10 years of writing center consultancy work with primarily Mexican American, ESL, and international undergraduate and graduate students. I have worked with clients on academic manuscripts, website design, grant projects, and white papers—among numerous other projects. I’m confident working with MLA, APA, and AP style (for journalism), and I have much experience working with science writing and technical documents. Below, you will find my current rates for work and anonymous testimonials from prior clients.

My Rates

Based on recent Editorial Freelancers Association rates, my experience of more than a decade, and my educational credentials, I currently charge the following rates for different services.

  • Writing Consultation: $70 an hour

  • Copyediting / Line editing: $65 an hour

  • Copywriting: $70 an hour

  • Graphic Design: $50 an hour

I am more than happy to negotiate on these hourly rates based on your or your organization's budgetary constraints on a client-by-client basis. Let's talk and find what works best for you.

Client Testimonials

"I have enjoyed working with Wil for the last five years since I was a grad student. He is very knowledgeable and skillful in editing and making comments. He helped me a lot in journal submission and wrapping up the projects. Though we are not in the same field, he is understanding the concepts from other fields very quickly and helped me to deliver them clearly in writing. Not just for the journal submission, but he also helped me a lot to communicate with non-technical audiences."

“Wil has been my no.1 choice for writing consultant. I have worked with him for my SOP for graduate school application, my course work papers, practicum papers, and research publications over 3 years. He could cover all of these different types of writings and various aspects of writing such as structure, flow, word smithing, and checking grammar. Wil asks good questions so you can develop your paper and thoughts more clearly while caring about his clients and value their perspectives. I was always happy to work with him, and if you are considering him as your writing consultant, I would recommend.”

“Wil is an excellent writing consultant who grasps the main points of your writing promptly and provide insightful suggestions to further develop the ideas. He proactively asks clarifying questions that help you put together missing puzzle pieces in your writing, so that you can enrich your writing in a more coherent manner. He genuinely cares about clients and is very willing to go extra miles to help them. I strongly recommend Wil as a well-versed writing consultant!”

“He is a perfect writing consultant that covers diverse document types, including scientific manuscripts, job applications, and emails. During the consultation, he deliberately considers the purpose and circumstance of my writings. His accurate edits and comments always satisfy me and capture where my expression and logical flow is not clear in addition to basic grammar errors. With his edits and comments, he also asks me if his edits and comments express my intention well.”