Loving Fiber Optic Cables (or The Internet is Land)

How do we fall in love amid Another End of the World? More specifically, how does loving the fiber optic cables that network and cohere for us ever-expanding communicative thresholds in turn revise the settler colonial grammar of apocalypse amid climatological disaster? Loving Fiber Optic Cables (Or The Internet is Land) compiles disparate but interrelated veins of inquiry across Indigenous philosophies, Black Studies, Black and Native Studies, Science and Technology studies, Media and Communication Studies, and Infrastructure Studies for a sustained examination of the cosmological parameters by which digital infrastructure is theorized and problematized. Affixing a perspective shift in how we think of land, its colonized constituents, and the human as a dialogic project amid modernity, Loving Fiber Optic Cables inheres an anticolonial grammar in form and theory, advancing love as a requisite for deliberating over the future while squaring anticolonial energy against the nihilist horizon of whiteness and settler ontology.